Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Winter Outfit

We are approaching winter and no matter what weather it is you can always be fashionable. I live in Bahrain now and we also have "winter" here and people love the winter fashion. (But to tell you the truth, the temperature only goes down to 10 degrees celcius) So I am going to create the woman's perfect winter outfit.

These dresses are cute, chic and perfect for cooler weather. Depending on the color and design they can pass as fancy and casual.

I'm picturing these boots with a sweater dress and it looks fab!

This coat's length will go past the sweater dress and right above the boots. The grey wool will go with anything.

If I was older I would definitely wear this outfit.
Let me know what you think!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Whoooooooping Big Windows

While we were visiting Bahrain we saw a few houses, and all of the houses had floor to ceiling windows in them. Personaly I love floor to ceiling windows, I think they really let light flood into the room. So here are a few examples:

This is a really great example, you could tell that if the huge windows were not there, the room would be very dark. I love this, especially since everything is built around the windows.

                                                                      Modern Office

I always thought that the place you are most should be made nice. So if you are in you office a lot, make it your style because you will be in it the most. This location is obviously in the country, so take adavantage of it and use big windows so that you can overlook the beauty of the country. 

Who needs television when you could just look out side and veiw the beauty of the world? And when you have windows as big as this it is very hard not to turn your head and look!
Let me know what you think about these huge windows.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Heart Jumpsuits

Those that read my mom's blog ( will know that we are in Bahrain right now. We came to visit our new home and see our dad. And for a wonderful suprise our cousins met us here. Anyways, my cousin Hannah and I always share and switch clothes while we are together and she had a really cute jumpsuit that I fell in love with. So today we went shopping! (In a mall that has every shop you could dream of having!!) And I got two beautiful jumpsuits:
(These are the exact ones!! And are both from here)

Orange Jumpsuit From Zara

Floral Jumpsuit From Zara

Aren't they just so much fun? I love them and I am so happy with my purchase. They are great for any occasion and I am planning on wearing them a lot!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My New Room

 So we are moving to Bahrain in June and I will get to design my own bedroom (yey!) I think I will paint it a peachy colour. What do you think?

I have already ordered the bed and headboard.


I have always wanted a headboard and now I am sooo excited about getting one! With drawers and shelves, I'll have space to keep everything and avoid clutter.
So, the bed will be the main piece of my room, but around it I hope to have this in a corner: 

I love the idea of sitting in a comfy corner, even if you're just sitting there :).
It's hard to tell what else you can put in a bedroom untill you've actually seen it. So until I've actually moved I will just dream on. And when my room is all set up I promise to put up pictures!
If you have any ideas please share!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Floral Patterns

So, here in Uganda all the English girls wear floral patterns. So I thought I'd take a look at what all the fuss is about and how we could make cute outfits out of them.

 This dress is SO cute for every occasion from lunches to walks in the park.


These could go under dresses, shorts, and skirts to make a both pretty and stylish effect on the outfit.


I can see this top mostly with a tank top underneath and shorts. Mostly for casual occasions and fun events.

Most of the girls in our school who are into floral patterns would wear somthing like this. With either a tank top underneath or a baggy shirt.
I'm not going to wear floral patterns untill I'm much older, because they suit older people, and are sometimes quite short or revealing.  

Have a rosy day!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Odd Achitecture

So, today I showed my teacher my blog, and he is all over architecture and cool inventions, and he said that I should look into odd types of houses. I came home and went straight on my computer to look at these houses, and I thought to myself.... WOW I never knew that houses could have such original design. So here are some examples:


This house is basically one big prism with a huge window at the end. It is amazing! But I'm thinking, where are the rooms going to go? I think that this architecture can also be quite claustrophobic. What do you think?

This one is my second favourite because it is a huge triangle, and instead of walls, there are windows! It is also SO thin. Imagine if you were in it while it was raining.... and you would feel like you were in the rain! I would get worried because it would feel like it might fall down.


This house is my favourite because it is a funny shape and because there is such a huge window. (I love huge windows!) I don't really know what else I like about it.... but I just love it.
What do you think?


Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well it seems quite silly that the name of my blog is "Peeking at Pearls" and I haven't done a post about pearls! Well here it is. I'm going to explore: pearl jewlery and pearl accesories!

Coco Chanel was the first person to introduce pearls to style. She turned pearls into a fashionable everyday piece of jewlery. She wore real ones but now people mostly wear costume pearls. So even though you are no longer with's to you, Coco Chanel!

I chose this one because... oh I just love it! It's so detailed and beautiful! But the only problem is that it's very fancy and you couldn't wear it everyday. What do you think?

I have over 15 headbands. All different colours and textures and I try to wear a different one every day but I just love one of them and I can't help myself, and I wear it A LOT. But I don't have a pearl one. I think they are so cute to wear with everything, so this summer I think I'll get one!